Monday, December 14, 2009

mad about cupcake

Cupcakes strikes back. Yeah, seems people now are always have it on every occasions. Cupcakes is very individual, you can give it without cutting the main cake.
I am challenged to make cupcakes as a goodie bag for my parents 50 years wedding ceremony. I have to try it over and over since I can not find the best cupcakes. Maybe next week I will try another recipe.

Cupcakes is based on butter type cake. Because of heavy decorated later, the cake must be hard enough.

Here my first trial on making cupcakes. They are not perfect yet. I think the cup is not have soft texture but the taste is OK. Well, let's see if on the next week I can finish my cupcakes project.
I wish I could make it before the party's. Does anybody have an idea how to solve the cupcakes problems?

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