Monday, December 14, 2009

Eggtart, the best of Macau

Macau is one of the city in China. It was rented by Portugese. The city is very small, only 28Km2. No wonder if I felt that the bus always turns on the same direction until forth times before it changes direction.

The downtown has marvellous landmark, such as ruins of st. paul, largo de senado, etc. Yes, in portugese.

The other side of city is full of night life activity likes casino, night club, etc. I don't think I would like go there...

But, I have some eating problem here. Because of my religion, I can not eat pork and lard. So I can not tell you the best place to eat out. But one place for sure I recommend you to go to Cafe de Nata. It places near Largo de Senado. They sell many pastry and good coffee. You must try the famous eggtart there. It tastes so good. Eggtart is pastry with custard. So soft and melt in your mouth. Don't forget to ask the hot cappucino. They are best couple. Well, that's all I can say... Eggtart is the champion

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