Monday, November 30, 2009

My Loyal Customer

These are my loyal customer. They never complain about my menu and my cooking. If the cooking is good, they will pay me with the great hugs and kisses. Sometimes, asking for more if the cooking is very delicious

They are known as Nabil and Lulla. Wish I could always become their special Chef....

Rosella alias Frambozen

Rosella tea becomes so famous nowadays. It believes curing diabetics, cholesterol, and other degenerative diseases. The dry or fresh petal can use as tea. Just put it in the cup and pour with hot water until it diluent well and changing its color into light red. It tastes a little bit sour.

When I was a kid, I ate Rosella as a sweet and sour snack from Cianjur. The dry petal mixes with crystal sugar. Since it's famous as herbal drinking, the name changes into Rosella.

Actually Rosella is one of Hibiscus family. (Don't compare with kembang sepatu ya). It knows growing in tropical area. Came to Indonesia by India's trader.

I grew it on my home. The flower looks so gorgeous. Wish I could have some more. But still don't know what should I do with the flower, let it go or put in my cup :P

Friday, November 27, 2009

Banana Bread

Just looked into refrigerator and found out that there were 4 bananas starting to over ripe. Well, banana bread is an easy option, beside my boy loves it. Even though I have no almond, no spice. But the show must go on...

300 gr mashed banana
325 g flour
2 spoons cinnamon
1/2 spoon baking powder
175 gr sugar
150 g margarine
2 eggs
100 gr chopped almond

mix flour with cinnamon and baking powder
mix margarine and sugar until floppy, put eggs one by one.
pour banana and flour
place it on the loaf bakingware and bake it until turns golden brown

Choux ala Teh Tiktik

My favourite recipe. I've got it from my friend in the office. The custard is very smooth and delicious. But, if you want to try a new kind, just change the filler with ice cream, blueberry jam, even condensed milk. Believe me, one is never enough :)

Coux shell :
150 gr margarine
200 cc water
150 gr flour
6 eggs

Boil water, sugar and margarine. Put fluor stir well. Cool it
Put egg one by one and mix them well.
Place on the cup and bake until golden brown

Custard :
500 cc milk
100 gr sugar cane
50 gr corn starch
2 eggs yolk
2 spoons margarine
vanilla, salt

Mix a little milk with corn starch. Scramble eggs and pour the milk and maizena.
On separeted pan, boil milk and sugar, then put the egg until bubbling. Cool it. And spray it on the choux cell

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's all just a beginning

Having a blog always teases my mind. I dream to have one but I am afraid to do so. It feels that I am to old to start it. Until one day, I saw my friend's blog. It is so beautiful. And when I asked her how to build hers, she said she learns and learns and tries to optimal the sources.

I ashamed.... Too much excuses to fulfill my dream.... I have all that she has... but I sabotaged it for stupid reasons.

So, here my blog with the passion of me.
To feel me as I wanna be. As a media to forget for a while of the routine tasks that always alarm me whenever I go.

Wish, this is the place for me to learn, to enjoy, to share all the things ...