Friday, November 27, 2009

Choux ala Teh Tiktik

My favourite recipe. I've got it from my friend in the office. The custard is very smooth and delicious. But, if you want to try a new kind, just change the filler with ice cream, blueberry jam, even condensed milk. Believe me, one is never enough :)

Coux shell :
150 gr margarine
200 cc water
150 gr flour
6 eggs

Boil water, sugar and margarine. Put fluor stir well. Cool it
Put egg one by one and mix them well.
Place on the cup and bake until golden brown

Custard :
500 cc milk
100 gr sugar cane
50 gr corn starch
2 eggs yolk
2 spoons margarine
vanilla, salt

Mix a little milk with corn starch. Scramble eggs and pour the milk and maizena.
On separeted pan, boil milk and sugar, then put the egg until bubbling. Cool it. And spray it on the choux cell


  1. mba sari, gula untuk kulitnya berapa gram ya? pengen nyobain nih...

  2. Mbak, aku nggak pake gula untuk kulitnya, cuman satu sendok teh Dan haram sejumput kecil untuk syarat supaya gurih aja.

  3. Boil water, sugar and margarine.
    baca di bahan-bahannya gak ada gula, makanya bingung.
    makasih jawabannya mba.