Monday, November 30, 2009

Rosella alias Frambozen

Rosella tea becomes so famous nowadays. It believes curing diabetics, cholesterol, and other degenerative diseases. The dry or fresh petal can use as tea. Just put it in the cup and pour with hot water until it diluent well and changing its color into light red. It tastes a little bit sour.

When I was a kid, I ate Rosella as a sweet and sour snack from Cianjur. The dry petal mixes with crystal sugar. Since it's famous as herbal drinking, the name changes into Rosella.

Actually Rosella is one of Hibiscus family. (Don't compare with kembang sepatu ya). It knows growing in tropical area. Came to Indonesia by India's trader.

I grew it on my home. The flower looks so gorgeous. Wish I could have some more. But still don't know what should I do with the flower, let it go or put in my cup :P


  1. wuih..keren.. pakai yg sony itu khn?

  2. Bukan pak, yang Sony kan punya bapak, yang saja Fuji Mpix Semo. Mo tukeran? hehehehheheh