Monday, December 7, 2009

Blueberry Cheesecake

I tried a slice of New York Cheesecake in 1995, on a fancy restaurant in Georgetown with my sister. Everybody said that cheesecake is one of the tempting dessert. Don't know why, my taste bud seemed not to like it very much. I even asked my sister, Did you think that cake was overnight? I felt It was rotten... :P

My tongue was not able to detect the good taste of a cheesecake. Maybe, I got used to taste the rich, sharp, sweet and spicy cake from home. Or I'd got wrong perception about "this cake". But thanks to my sister to challenge me of eating the first cheesecake. It really makes me aware that I have to change my perception to accept one thing that I never know.

Well, back way home now... Cheesecake seems to be one of the popular cake. (hmmmm plus fancy coffee house of course). It has more variations such as, blueberry, coffee, fruit, etc. But still, you can not eat cheesecake like you eat ordinary cake. You have taste it slowly, let the one bite melted in your mouth perfectly. Beware!!! One is enough, unless you want to put some kilos on you belly...hehhehehhe

Making a cheesecake needs some patient. You have to combine the way you cook. First you have to bake it in "au bain marie" style. Au bain marie is a way to bake a cake in a pan with water. So, it makes the cake very soft. After 90 minutes in au bain marie, you have to cool it and put the cake on refrigerator for about 3 hours more to set the cake perfectly. But, all the patient is worthed when you taste the softness of a cheesecake.

Well, let's try to make it, and your perception will be changed in a minute.