Friday, August 10, 2012

Toss My Luck : Touch Korea Tour, Chungcheong

Am I the lucky one? 
Doing the review in the last day is not the easy thing to do. Pressing by the time and the passion to be in korea is being the greatest pushed to finish this writing. I admitted that I am late to write about the buzz Korea because of the confusing beetween having a family time in iedul Fitri or having a great time in Chungcheong. But after a brief chit-chat with my friends who encourage me to enter the contest, I decided to submit my writing.

Korea, one of the Country that I want to visit before I die. Having a travel handbook or wikipedia or is very helpful for independent traveller like me.  I want to melt with the place, so I can absorb the place in my mind. I avoid the tourism website because the information is very touristic. I can not find the "unusual" information that I need.

But, visit the and KTO give me another point of view. (Thanks to Erry, Bibi Titi Teliti to encourage me to read the website first then make any comment). I found the extraordinary travel website that I have been longing for. You can find that this site is special by reading the first paragraph, buzz KOREA is a global campaign and an integrated online community platform site that reveals Korea's tourism attractions and a variety of Korea-related contents through social media like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Ameba, QQ etc.

Visit to share your memories and experiences in Korea with your global friends and attend various events as well. buzz KOREA will bring you the most interesting and cbuzzy 
stories about Korea.
Yeah, right...... You will find the extraordinary, unusual, and amazing Korea travel information. 

Uniquely, the information is provided by the member of the Buzz Korea. It's very clever strategic to build a travel website from the members by sharing their experience during they enjoy Korea through the booming of social media. The information provide the update about Korea and everything you want to know. From the K-pop to the Kimchi chronicle. I can guarantee that I will use the information and enjoy Korea like the local does, because the information is written by the experts who get to the heart of every destination they visit. Experience the best of Korea with accurate, practical and honest advice, designed to give you the information you need to make the most of your trip. 

And touch korea tour is a program that provided by the KTO (Korean tourism Organization) which is another travel website that promote the Korean Tourism with very informative, organised, well laid out, list a number of activities which most visitors to the Land of the Morning Calm would be hard pressed to complete. As I know, South Korea is full of contradictions, sprawling metropolises juxtaposed with ancient Buddhist and Confucian temples. The Touch Korea Tour helps visitors explore those contradictions. And the most smartest way is, the Touch Korean Tour has many program that involve the K-pop artist to promote their country. ( Uuuughhhh I cant stand not to look the georgeous six pack body and their porcelain skin.... Jalou). Well, I guess who doesn't want to enjoy the beautiful country accompany with the famous K-Pop star. 

Those two websites are in the business of travel, so it’s not surprising that they know all the best travel tips.  I wondered how much more I could actually learn from KTO and Buzz Korea.
So back to the question, Am I thee lucky one? 


  1. semoga sukses ikutan kontesnya mbak :)

  2. Maaaaak...
    what a great post!
    I love it!
    I sincerely hope that you can be the lucky one :)

  3. tapiiiii...
    ngomong ngomong...
    postingan inih udah didaptarin di buzz korea belum yah?
    Kok aku gak lihat postingan inih di official websitenya sih?
    Harusnya postingannya muncul disinih...

  4. Wish me luck ya.... Udah daftar sesuai persyaratannya. Bingung juga sih pas udahnya kok nggak liat tulisannya. Hehehhehe telat kali ya. Nggak apa-apa, setidaknya berusaha walaupun last minute ya....

  5. wah aku ketinggalan postinganya nih mbak. gimana sudah pengumuman belum ?