Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Framing the Instituut Pasteur Bandung

Frame: a border or case for enclosing a picture, mirror, etc

Framing object is really fun. You can see the different picture by adding, wall, leaves, trees, key-hole, or any object you like as frame. Lowering the meter in the camera (usually ± symbol) gives darker area, and sunlight give the object clearer. And all the setting was programmed by the camera. I took many pictures while having over-worked in the office. I tried to frame them by using the wall that I think will give the picture nicer look. And these are the best picture that I framed.
For the main building (first picture), I framed it by the rectangle object. I set the camera by ISO 50 and lowering the meter to give the darker effect on the frame. Second picture, the frame is not good enough. I blame the sun for the unsuccessful framing. Last picture, I take inside the bathroom. (held the breath for a while :P). I love the shaping of the wall. Actually, I do like to take the picture of old building. They are rich in unusual shape, detail, color, and design.
So these are the part of the building where I use to play hard and work smart :P


  1. wuih...tehnik moto-nya keren abis...
    hasil photo bisa maksimal.
    kapan bagi2 tipsnya mba?

  2. Lagi berusaha mengenal si fuji ku lebih baik Mbak. Manual tiap hari dibaca, plus praktek. Hmmm Kang Dadang masih punya handoutnya pas kursus foto? Sharing lagi atuh